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2nd-May-2013 12:05 am - The auction has ended. Now what?
It's now 12:01 am, which means the auction part of this round has officially ended.  Congratulations to all of the bidders who have won an item of their dreams, and thank you to everyone who participated whether they won or not.  Now though, we're really going to get down to business.

IF YOU CREATED AN AUCTION: First, you must comment on your winning bidder's post in the auction post stating that they have won.  Please note that your comment in the auction post is where your winner will confirm that a donation has been made.  You may wish to set an alert on the post or turn alerts to all of your comments on, so that LJ will notify you when your winner has replied with proof of a donation.  If you have yet to designate a preferred charity and you've decided you care about one charity over another, please let your winner know this at this time.  After you've discussed the details, your winner will donate/volunteer/etc.  This person is required to give you confirmation of this.  At any point, you can post your completed work/mail it to your winner/etc, but you are encouraged to wait until your bidder has given you proof of their donation. :)

IF YOU WON AN AUCTION: You will receive a comment on your winning bid in the auction post stating that you have won.  At that point, you will need to inform your auctioneer of your plan for a donation ("I'm going to donate to Save the Children tomorrow"; "I'm giving blood this week," etc.).  You will also need to explain what you want in your item if you have not done so already; if you're receiving a fic, give a prompt or a list of likes/dislikes.  If you're receiving a painting or graphic, tell your creator what you like, for example.  Give whatever information you feel is applicable.  If you don't care what you receive, please say this.  Obviously, at some point you will need to make your donation.  After you have done so, you will need to contact your auctioneer once more with proof: a receipt, a picture of you volunteering, etc.  The appropriate place to do this is in the auction post, so that I am also aware that a donation has been made.  You must confirm your donation!  Then (or if you're lucky before!), you will receive your item.

* If for some reason you have trouble contacting one another, the communication has stopped for whatever reason, please contact lieueitak.  I'll help in any way I can.

** Please take advantage of LJ's PM system, your email addresses, Skype, Twitter, MSN Messenger, and every other method of contacting someone else if you feel that would be helpful.
1st-May-2013 12:59 pm - LAST DAY TO BID!
Our short auction period is coming to an end.  When the clock strikes 12:01 am in Los Angeles, the auctions will be finished.  Auctioneers should let their winners know that they've won by contacting them.  If you have already received a prompt, you can begin creating your item.  Winners, if you have NOT given your auctioneer a prompt, you must do so. If you don't really care about what you get, please let your auctioneer that they can do as they wish, so that there is no confusion.  Winners should also prepare to donate and leave confirmation of their donation.  Remember to confirm your donation, you reply to the original auction post with your proof.  Thank you to everyone who has participated and sacrificed their time, energy, and even money for this community.  You represent the absolute best in fandom :)

-- Time zone converter if you need one (auctions end about 11 hours from now).
-- There's still time to create an auction if you haven't already!
-- If you are still looking for something to bid on, here is a round up of everything being offered thus far:

Up for bid currently...Collapse )
Your comment may be marked as spam because of Livejournal.  If this happens, don't worry.  I'll unspam it ASAP.  You don't need to do a thing :)

If you'd like to participate in the auction, this is the place to do it. Please comment below with what you are offering for people to bid on.

One offer, one comment. If you are offering multiple items separately, submit one comment for each item.

In the Additional Info section, please include the following information [choose all that apply]:
> sending more than one item to the winning bidder [e.g. a fic AND art,
an icon set AND a scarf, etc.]
> a favored charity if you have one
> a buy it now price if applicable
> any other relevant info that you feel is important: pairings you won't write, situations you won't write, etc. Are you comfortable with smut? Anything you feel is useful, please add.

BEFORE YOU BID: Please check the FAQ, the list of charities/ways to donate thread, and question post.

Bidding Rules
Bid by commenting to the Offering post. You cannot bid the same amount as someone else in the same auction. If they posted first, you need to raise your own bid.  Please indicate in your bidding post what you would like/would not like the auctioneer to create for you in your bid.  If you have no preferences, please state that.

Please do not delete a comment containing a bid - if you have an issue, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a mod.

How to Offer
Copy the text in the form below, fill in all fields, and paste into the body of your comment.  Please change "starting bid" to buy-it-now price if applicable.  Remember: this is a short round.  If you need more time, a buy-it-now price will give you a little more time.

How to Confirm
Unlike in previous rounds, this is also the place where you will confirm your donation. Once you have won an item and made your donation, you need to confirm it. Find the initial listing in this post and create a new reply to it. In this reply, you will post your donation confirmation (a receipt, email, etc) that shows you have made your donation. Auctioneers are encouraged to check the thread regularly and/or turn LJ notifications for comments ON so that they will be aware of when a donation has been confirmed. If you need to confirm your donation but don't have the means to edit out sensitive information from your proof, please PM me and I will be happy to help you. If this is confusing, please see the sample auction, I have included in the comments to illustrate the procedure. If you still don't understand, please PM me or ask in the FAQ or questions thread.
I'm about to make the starting auction post, so I just want to go over a couple things before I do that.  If you have not confirmed a donation or posted an item from round 1, you can still do that.  In fact, please do that ASAP.

Dates: April 25th - May 2nd -- The auction runs.  This is the time to offer items and to bid on them.  If you opt for a buy it now auction, the auction will end the second someone bids.  Given the short time period, it's recommended that you choose this option.  For more scheduling information, please see the schedule.  

If you have a question about running an auction or making a bid, firstly, please read the lightning round FAQ.  Then if you're still confused, you can ask here or in the FAQ thread.

To reiterate what the FAQ said, all bids -- whether the donations be monetary or not, whether American or not -- must be made in US dollars.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you need a currency converter, please use this: http://money.cnn.com/data/currencies/

Generally speaking, a donation of goods = the amount of money they would cost to buy.  A pint of blood = $10.  Volunteering is $10 per half hour.  You can look at the list of charities/ways to help for more information.  

Again, if you have any questions remaining, please ask.  Thanks to everyone who is participating.
[I will update this post as necessary.  This info is only applicable for lightning rounds.  Regular rounds have their own FAQ.]


List of Charities/Ways to Donate

Auction Timetable

Graphics for Spreading the Word
Please feel free to use any of the graphics or post your own for others to use!  The more we get the word out, the better.



When will the auction start and end?Collapse )

What currency should I use?Collapse )

Can offers or bids be made anonymously?Collapse )

Can I retract an offer or bid?Collapse )


I am offering/donating. What do I do?Collapse )

Can I offer store-bought items?Collapse )

Can I offer already completed works?Collapse )

Should I include samples of past works for bidders?Collapse )

Can I specify which fandoms I'll work with?Collapse )

How many things can I offer?Collapse )

Should I make one post for multiple offers or one post per offer?Collapse )

Can I specify which charity I want my bidder to volunteer with/donate to?Collapse )

How do I determine who has won my auction?Collapse )

After a bidder has won a buy-it-now auction, how do I let the mods know that the donation has been confirmed?Collapse )

Is there a deadline for getting my work to the winning bidder?Collapse )

Do I retain the ownership of my work?Collapse )

If I am shipping edible items overseas, are there any regulations I should be aware of?Collapse )


I will be bidding. What do I do?Collapse )

If I win an auction, what are the arrangements for making a donation and receiving the item that I bid for?Collapse )

Can I make a donation online, mail, or in-person?Collapse )

What if I don't have money to donate?Collapse )

Have a question that still hasn't been answered?  Please ask here.
25th-Apr-2013 01:05 pm - Schedule For Lightning Round
The schedule for the lightning round of help_lisa is the following:

April 25th -- Auction begins.  Members will offer fic, graphics, etc., and other members can immediately begin to bid on those items.  At this time, bidders must state what item they would like and offer all relevant information (for instance, a prompt) to the auctioneer for speedy turnaround.

May 2nd -- Auction ends.  If the auctioneer opts for the "buy it now" option, that auction ends the second someone bids on that item.  Given how short this round is, it is recommended that all auctioneers choose this option, as it will give you more time to create your item.

May 2nd - May 20th -- The official creation period.  Auctioneers will write the fic, make the video, and create the graphic for their winning bidder.  At any point along the way, completed works can be posted.  If you have won an auction, this time period will also be used for you to mail your check, donate your blood, or complete your volunteer work.

May 21st -- All auctioned goods must be completed and posted or mailed, depending on what that item is.

*If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your auction (whether it be as a bidder or an auctioneer), please contact lieueitak.  Again, you may post earlier if your item is completed.  There will be an extension if necessary, but the goal is to have a SHORT round of donations, so please try to have your items completed.         
First, an update: it looks like we're only missing two items from the first round of help_lisa.  I have already spoken to this user, and these auctions should be posted any day now.  If you have yet to receive your item and have questions/concerns, please PM me.

Secondly, I've been getting questions about whether or not there will be another round of this community.  With Lisa's birthday a month away, I'm curious to see if there is interest in doing a lightning round to raise more money.  Since there wouldn't be a lot of time, I would simplify the rules and process so that it's a bit easier for everyone.  But if no one's interested in participating, then there's no point.  So... if I were to host a quick round, would you participate?  And if you were going to participate, would you donate or create something?  Or both?  Please comment and let me know.  Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round and for having patience as we work out the kinks in this community.  Again if you have questions or concerns about the first round or any round, please PM me, email me, tweet me, etc.  Only comment below with your interest in another round.  Thank you! :)   
21st-Apr-2013 02:59 am - Fic from sheis1963: Fortuna
Title: Fortuna
Author: sheis1963
Recipient: dalilita
Prompt: N/A
Rating: T
Summary: "...to any outsider they were still good ol' House and Cuddy, M.D., throwing
jabs and driving each other mad but, away from hospital grounds and prying
eyes, they were Mr. and Mrs. House, royally screwed."

14th-Apr-2013 04:19 pm - Fic: Fear Of Fire Leaves You Cold
Title: Fear of Fire Leaves You Cold
Author: lieueitak
Recipient: harvesttime88
Prompt: some chapters for [criminally] infrequently updated Fear of Fire.
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Characters: House/Cuddy, Rachel Cuddy, Wilson, Arlene, etc.
Author's Note: Since this piece is set post "Moving On," there are spoilers for that episode.
Warning: This fic has explicit sex.
Summary: After House crashes his car through Cuddy's home, both strive to rebuild their lives and deal with the consequences of their broken relationship.

Start from the Beginning
Title: Mystery Diagnosis Theatre 3000 Presents: The Case of the Really, Really Late Drawing (or House's Alternate Ending)
Author: Me
Recipient: london_fan
Warning: Some swearsies.
Note: Let it be known that I feel really, really terrible for forgetting about this and I really hope london_fan forgives me and is pleased with the result, even though it's crappy, but it was supposed to be crappy since I can't draw.
Other Note: I wanted to make all of the characters dinosaurs but I only know how to draw a t-rex and felt that would make it hard to differentiate.

Brace yourself for hand-drawn crappiness!Collapse )
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