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A Fandom Auction Community
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19th-Mar-2014 09:23 pm - Another Round?
We're getting closer and closer to Lisa's birthday, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing another round.  We were fairly successful last year in donating to several worthy causes, but I'm just curious as to whether or not the interest level and willingness to participate is still there. 

If it is, I was sort of thinking maybe we could do something different to keep the event fresh, maximize participation, and most importantly, guarantee that people receive their items quickly.

Some ideas behind the cut...Collapse )  
2nd-Oct-2013 05:22 pm - Fic: Gift of Chicken
Title: Gift of Chicken
Author: lieueitak
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations
Characters: Cuddy/House, Rachel
Recipient and Prompt: This was written for paroulis who wanted a sequel to Gift of Screws.
Author's Note: Although she wanted a one shot, I felt like this would be better split up into a couple chapters.  Since Gift of Screws was started mid-season 6, it's not canon with the direction the show took.  As a result, I'd recommend reading that first if you haven't already.  This takes places two months after the events in Gift of Screws.
Summary: House and Cuddy struggle to deal with the ramifications of their agreement to make him Rachel's legal guardian.

Chapter One
28th-Jul-2013 02:21 pm - Fic: Fright Night
Title: Fright Night
Author: lieueitak
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Characters: Cuddy/House
Recipient and Prompt: This fic was written for dalilita. She wanted something set in somewhere in seasons 1-5 that was sexy but confrontational (not fluffy or angsty) and smutty.
Warning: This fic contains sex.
Summary: On Halloween, House tries to prevent Cuddy from going out with another man. The repercussions of success are unexpected and possibly more than either House or Cuddy can handle.

Fright Night
16th-Jun-2013 02:13 pm - Fic: A Risk Worth Taking
Title: A Risk Worth Taking
Author: lieueitak
Rating: NC-17 for sex (including threesomes) and language.
Characters: House/Cuddy/Chase
Recipient and Prompt: megalisa asked for a fic where Chase, Cuddy, and House have a threesome.
Author's Note: Mentions of events in "All In."
Warning: This fic contains explicit sexual situations. If that offends you, do not read.
Summary: After the events in "All In," Cuddy goes to talk to House and gets more than she bargained for.

A Risk Worth Taking
21st-May-2013 09:39 am - End Results: The Numbers
Although not all items for this round are completed, I wanted to give everyone a little boost for the day.  As you know, this community started less than a year ago.  In that time however, everything from hats to magazines to icons to fic to fanmixes have been created in support of several worthy charities.  Thank you to everyone who donated their goods, their time, and/or their money.  This community couldn't exist without you.  Let's look at the numbers to see what we've all achieved in this short time period.

-- $110 donated to Best Friends Animal Society
-- $115 donated to Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
-- $115 donated to Save The Children
-- $115 donated to Planned Parenthood

These are only a few of the charities that we donated to -- Amnesty International, The Red Cross, and The Trevor Project being some of the other notable organizations who benefited from this community.  In total, you raised $894.80 in time, goods, and cash donated. There are still a few donations that need to be completed; nevertheless this has been a truly amazing effort that I'm so proud to have been a part of.  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your participation.  Thank you for your generosity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.    
20th-May-2013 04:17 pm - Auction Item-The Pity Run
Title: The Pity Run
Author: gr8fulinsomniac
Recipient: megalisa
Prompt:   Included in the story
Rating (If Applicable): M
Warnings (If Applicable): M for language and sex
Summary (If Applicable): Replacing the beginning of season 3, House challenges Cuddy to a race before his pain reemerges.


megalisa, thanks for the great prompt, I hope you like the result. :)
Thanks also to lieueitak for organanizing and running the auction, and to grouchy_snarky for telling me about it. It was fun.
20th-May-2013 08:38 pm - Fic: Obsessions
Title: Obsessions
Author: cuddyownsppth
Recipient: grouchy_snarky
Prompt: can be found at the end of the story
Rating: K
Warnings: none
Summary: House thinks Cuddy is hiding something from him

Read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9311342/1/
At this point, all auction winners should have completed their donation/volunteer work and submitted proof* to their auctioneer.  Auctioneers should also be nearing completion of their item if they haven't posted it/sent it to their winner already.    

However, as we all know, real life rarely fits into neat timetables, and extensions may be necessary.  If you need a little extra time, please leave a comment saying as much.  I'll gladly give you more time to get everything finished.  If I can help expedite the process for you in some way, let me know how I can help.

If you have completed your items, please remember to leave a post in the community so that we may all enjoy the fruits of your labor. :)  

As always thank you for participating and helping out the various causes featured here on this website.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the round thus far.

* This is very important as I will be announcing the amount of money raised tomorrow.  Please get this done ASAP if you have not already.
We're now five days away from the round ending, so everyone should be getting ready to post completed auction items.  This also means that bidders should be finished or very close to being finished with their donations.

Once donations have been confirmed and you've created the item for your bidder, it's time to hand the item over. You do not have to post your fic or graphics directly to the community. If you'd prefer to house your work on your website, your livejournal, Fanfiction.net, or anywhere else, you are free to do that. Just create a post that links to where your fic or graphics are being hosted.  All you are required to do is make a new post here that demonstrates you have completed your work.

The same goes for items you may be mailing in real life if possible; just post a picture of your item here, so that it's obvious that that auction is completed.  If you have already sent out your item or cannot post an image of it, etc, please give your auction winner (and me) a head's up letting them know that their item will be arriving in the mail soon.

If you could, please use the following header for your post:

And then link to your work or put the work (or if mailed in real life, a picture of your work) you created behind the cut. Obviously if you created graphics, a summary or ratings might not be applicable, and that's fine. Fill out the header as best you can. 
7th-May-2013 08:11 pm - Where We Should Be
IF YOU WON AN AUCTION, you should have told your auctioneer what you would like as your item.  If you have not given them a prompt, an explanation of what you want, or specified that you don't care, please do.  Giving your auctioneer some guidance is an important part of this community, so please say what you want if you have not already.  As the winner of an auction, you should be making your donation immediately if you haven't completed your donation/volunteer work yet.  If you don't donate, you don't receive.  It's that simple.

IF YOU ARE RUNNING AN AUCTION, you should have received some sort of prompt or information from your winner.  If you haven't, feel free to give your winner a little nudge.  If this doesn't work or you're not comfortable contacting your winner, you can PM me, and I will communicate with your winner.  Once your auction winner has successfully donated, you should get started with their item.  When you have finished, you can post your item wherever you like, including Fanfiction.net, AO3, etc.  However, you must post all completed works in a new post to this community.  That is so I can verify the item has been completed; your winner sees the item, and other participants in the community can see what has been created.

As always, feel free to ask any questions in this thread or via PM if you need to.  I've done a rough estimate of the money raised in both the first round and lightning round, and it's pretty amazing, guys.  Thank you for participating :) 
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